2017 Three White Barrels

The mouth-feel is lively and refreshing, and has a subtle creaminess and a crisp finish with long lasting acidity. This beautiful wine is hand-picked, fermented in 50% stainless steel and 50% in oak. Our 2017 Three Barrels blend is an approachable wine and perfect pairing with almost everything from a light vegetable dishes to pairs perfectly with oysters, grilled salmon or tuna. Enjoy our best vintage we made so far.



65% Sauvignon Blanc, 18% Viogner 18%, 17% Semilion



Barrel Aging

50% Barrels fermented French oak and 50 % Stainless Steel Fermented




Natural from Portugal

Case Production


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Wine Details

Growing Season

The 2017 growing season started with record-setting rainfalls. As flowering started, an unusual heat spikes made for an eclectic mix of conditions. Extreme heat beginning in April provided hints at what would become another record-breaking year of temperatures throughout the growing season. This was followed by a significant cooling trend which allowed for added hang time, leading to increased flavor development. However in October the wildfire started but nearly all of our lots had already been harvested. We are pleased with the excellent flavor development and acidity from this excellent vintage!